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We specialized in manufacturing various plastic products using double colored plastic injection molding, printing, spray painting and laser etching technology.









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We develop surface treatment technology for tomorrow

At Taiyo, we have devoted well over half a century to serving our customers needs for design-oriented parts for electric parts and industrial equipment.

However, the more our modern world has developed, the more stringent the technology requirements for surface treatment have become.

In the ever-changing field of electronics in particular, the needs for much thinner films and higher-density assembly have become essential.  We have been and will continue to satisfy those needs through our aggressive pursuit of ever more advanced technologies.

And our corporate commitment will remain what it always has been-"The Customer Comes First".


HONESTY      Honesty is the very basis of morality and our guiding principle in achieving corporate objectives, we must keep this principle utmost in our minds while cooperating for the betterment of our company.  

GENEROSITY    We must do our best to foster creativity while maintaining the will to raise the standard of living of all mankind.

PROSPERITY    We must pull together to increase loyalty to the company and work toward its prosperity by improving our own lives through ceaseless devotion to our work.


The Company pledges to promote the welfare of its employees by leading the company to greater prosperity through its business and the services it provides to its customers.  In every phase of their work, employees should:

1)   put themselves in the customer's place,

2)   improve their own lives through work,

3)   strive for the constant growth of the company.

To better implement the above three ideals, employees should strive to engender an atmosphere of trust to ensure closer cooperation.  Furthermore, we should try to make our company attractive to both customers and employees while developing activities that satisfy the ecology-minded and welfare-oriented society of today.



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