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Double Colour Plastic Injection Moulding
This method combines plated and unplated parts, thus allowing a variety of designs and functions.  For example, with this method, innovations such as translucent parts, anti-electrostatic treatments, insulation treatments and hinges for switches have become possible.  In particular, a clear and attractive translucent character display is possible because of a new mould we have developed (patented in 9 countries).


Silk Screen and Pad Printing
This method allows different types of color ink be used to enhance the cosmetic outlook for the product.


Spray Painting
To fulfill our customers' needs for design-oriented parts and new innovation, we are among the pioneer to pursue aggressively to equip ourselves with the state-of-the-art technology.  Take for example our sophisticated robotic painting machine with 5 axis of horizontal articulations and 2 axis of spine-turn type.  The two memory card system enable us to paint one color on 'A' holder and another color on 'B' holder.  Coupled with it's unique spray gun design and air flow system, the paint thickness can be varied and controlled easily, at the same time maintaining a high degree of precise paint thickness.  This enhances the laser etching's efficiency and surface finishing.


Laser Etching
This method allows fine line, graphic, symbols etc to be easily inscribe onto painted surface of single-shot or two-shot molded parts.  Conventional methods such as pad printing or two-color printing cannot accomplish this.  As a result of this innovation, there is potential for creative new designs in such applications as switch buttons for car audio, car air-conditioners and so on.


Our complete in-house plant provides molding, painting, laser etching and silk printing, together with other supporting industries, effectively reduce the need for our clients to co-ordinate with too many suppliers.  Our assembly line can be configured to ensure that the set up can be customized to meet any specifications of customer's designer products.  A self checking system has been implemented into the assembly line process to ensure zero defect product.


Quality Assurance
At Taiyo, we preach and practice total quality assurance.  Our quality assurance activities span from precision checking and measuring of parts dimension to its finishing.  We use Topcon equipment to monitor the color and illumination of laser etched products to make sure they conform strictly to our customers' requirements.  In addition, there is a 100% quality inspection of all assembled parts prior to packaging and shipment.



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